lørdag 7. mai 2022

The Queen of Blasphemy and the President of the Cosmos

...and so it begins.

What do you mean?

I was referring to your endless complaining about me not baking you any Cakes 😉

I must admit the amount of sweet pastries in my life is on a whole different level now.

But you can't really share it with the world, can you?


Why not?

Because We are meant to be a secret until further notice.

A big secret meant for the elect few to know about. May I ask, who are 'the elect few'?

The Sheep.

The ones obeying Joseph Goebbels and company?

Those are 'sheep'. It's not the same thing.

So who are the Sheep with a capital S?

You talked about them in Matthew 25:31-46.

You mean my former self?

Yes, when your name was Yeshua.

What is my name now?

Umm... Joey, the King of Pasta, Pizza and Pancakes.

That's sweet. Do you remember when you asked me telepathically if We could have pancakes for dinner, and I came home with just that?

Yes, I remember all the Cakes you give me Lord 😊

Am I your Lord?

Of course. But you are also my Twin Brother.

How am I your Twin Brother?

You just are. I could even remember you when I was little. Back then my 'imaginary friend' had your name. I also forced my father to write stories about me and you. But We didn't meet until We were 19, as you know.

What date was that?

October 13th 20xx. Why?

That was the date the Cornerstone was laid for The White House. It is also the birthday of Margaret Thatcher and Sacha Baron Cohen - known from the movie 'The Dictator'. As you know I have started saying 'aladeen' as a response sometimes. And then you have to determine if I mean 'yes' or 'no', as the Dictator changed both the word 'positive' and 'negative' into his own name.

So do you have a point?

Joey for President. Of the Cosmos 💙

That would be wonderful. We could give Our Cake to everyone.

Not E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. Just the Sheep. And exactly 'who' are the Sheep?

The ones who study my Holy Word and my Scientific Articles and purchase my arts. Those are Stairways to Heaven, btw. One art, one ticket.

Are you saying a person can't get into Heaven without buying your artwork?

Of course not. How full of myself do you think I am? 😅

I choose not to answer that.

My dearest beloved, it is you that I am full of.

Likewise, my Bride.

So... are We aladeen?

We're good. 

*hugs Joey*

You need to share an interesting image, or people won't read Our post.

Sure, an image of what?

Elohim riding the Kaaba, of course!

I love it!

Of course you do - this is your Stairway to Heaven 💋

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